Here’s How You Can Make Your Bedroom Cozy and Sleep Friendly

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Did you know that we humans spend an average 1/3 of their life sleeping? While that seems like a lot of wasted time, a good night’s sleep is crucial for our health and well-being. According to various scientific studies conducted by The National Sleep Foundation, our environment significantly impacts the quantity and quality of our sleep. It thus becomes really important to pay attention to the design and environment created in our bedroom.

There could be different types of bedroom styles, from contemporary to eclectic and cottage to Asian, coastal, Mediterranean and more. However, when creating a stylish bedroom that is cozy and sleep-friendly, there are few rules that always work, irrespective of the bedroom style.

5 Ways to Create a Cozier Bedroom

1.   Colour the Walls Dark

Traditionally, homeowners prefer light colours in rooms to make them feel larger. However, when trying to make a bedroom cozier, you’ll have to ditch lighter tones and befriend dark or even black hues. This ultra dark space will immediately relax your brain, while making you fall asleep quickly, which is the core purpose of a bedroom.

2.   Use Throw Blankets

Throws have become a common accessory to furnishings and modern bedroom décor. The lighweight throws aren’t just popular for their functionality, but are stylemakers that can add colour, pattern and warmth to any space. So, put in different textured throws in soft and neutral colours to create a cozy bedroom.

3.   Layer Rugs

For cozy bedroom décor, area rugs are not only used for warmth underfoot, but can be used to add colour and texture to the space. When trying to make the bedroom extra comfy, layer rugs of different shaps and patterns can be a good addition.

4.   Make the Bedroom Personal

Your bedroom is the only place where you can truly be yourself. Add some simple DIY touches in terms of wall arts, lighting, curtains, accessories and more to make the bedroom a more personal space, within a budget. Use photos and souvenirs in your art to amp up the personal statement.

5.   Embrace the Power Position

Power position is a Feng Shui term that associates a person’s position within their surroundings to their overall health. To benefit from a power position in the bedroom, place the bed at a position from where the door and the entire room can be seen. It shouldn’t be placed between the window and door or under a window. According to this Chinese practice, feet pointing towards the door also brings bad luck.

Sound sleep is essential for our well-being and productivity. So, go ahead and amp up you bedroom style, such that it aids in restful sleep.