Do You Want to Add a Backdrop to Your Kitchen Sink?

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One of the best ways to enhance the look of a kitchen sink is to add a coloured glass splashback. Not only does the backdrop add vibrance, it makes your kitchen inviting and warm as well. You can find splashbacks in a large variety of designs and colours. Therefore, you will be able to find just the right splashback for your kitchen’s design.

How Much Space Are You Covering?

To order a kitchen splashback in Perth, you will need to find out how much area you need to cover.  You will also need to learn more about the material. Most people who order splashbacks today opt for glass. That is because the glass is sturdy and adds sparkle to the kitchen décor. When you add a coloured splashback, you will immediately be impressed – and so will anyone who sees the new addition.

Calculating the Cost

Splashbacks are usually priced by the square metre. Any additional costs include the labour charged for cutting out spaces for electrical sockets or the fan for the oven. All you need to do is select a colour and find a coordinating hue on the supplier’s paint chart.

Selecting the Glass

You can choose between float glass, which conveys a greenish tinge, or Starphire glass, which is made with iron. Starphire glass is a bit more expensive because it is clear and includes the added iron. When choosing a splashback, the company should always have the person who measures the area also install the product. That way, you will only need to communicate with one person during the entire process, which makes communication much easier.

Communicate Your Splashback Needs to One Company

When you work with a company that offers a complete splashback service, you do not have to worry about calling all over town. You only need to use one source for surveying, measuring, cutting, and installing the splashback. All you need to do is tell your representative what you envision, and he or she will make it come true.

How to Order a Splashback Online

Whilst it is not exactly like wishing on a star, it does, in many cases, have the same effect. To begin the process, go online and ask for a free quote so you can schedule service. Once you install a glass splashback, you will be very pleased with the result, especially if you choose a company that offers an all-inclusive service package.

If you want to change the look of your kitchen, or even make a modification, you can make a difference by adding a splashback. The glass used for splashbacks is made so it won’t crumble or crack. It also is an aesthetic glass that will give you many years of service.

Make a Modification That Is Beautiful and Practical

If you want to make a unique modification to your décor, you will find that this type of accessory is ideal. Whether your kitchen is traditional or contemporary in design, you can find just the right backdrop for your kitchen sink. Check out the splashbacks that are available online and call for service today.