Are Your Workers Truly Safe?

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When workers work at a height, you need to ensure their safety. Providing them with access tools to keep them from falling will help you complete your project on time and reduce your chance of liability. You can find a number of ladders, towers, and steps that you can use at various venues.

How to Decide on a Tower

Access solutions include builders’ trestles, podium steps, ladders, and ladder accessories. For instance, when you are viewing access towers for any job, you need to consider the following:

  • The height of the platform
  • The reach height
  • The length and width
  • The weight
  • The pricing

Access tower products provide a full range of safety features that ensure workplace performance and safety. For example, the design of the platform should safely hold working loads and leave plenty of room for movement. Also, the design of the platform can reduce labour costs, as they are easily to assemble.

Safety Features and Amenities

Some of the safety features include ribbed tube design for an enhanced grip and edge protection surrounding the deck. You can also take advantage of a built-in ladder system. Adjustable legs and locking claws round out some of the amenities.

If you want to speed up work and do so securely, you need to learn all you can about the tools provided for working up high. Make sure you work with a company that inspects each piece of equipment completely so that it meets Health and Safety requirements. When it comes to hiring safety equipment, the equipment should meet all your expectations with respect to delivery and assembly.

By working with a knowledgeable business, you can find just the right tower or ladder for your project. When choosing a tower, make sure it features a built-in access so workers can safely ascend and descend from the platform. Also, the tower should be set up with stabilisers so it will not overturn. The frames for the tower should not feature gaps that could lead to a fall. Select a platform designed with guardrails with the proper gaps and sizing.

Carry Out a Risk Assessment First

No worker should ever ascend a platform that does not feature guardrails. This is important, as a fall from a short distance can lead to a fatality. Therefore, the guardrails should meet the minimum requirements for height.

When selecting a tower or towers, you should carry out a risk assessment before commencing work. Selecting a tower for the right site is easy, as you can review the selections in one of several categories. These categories detail products by price, manufacturer, material, type, safety standard, platform height, and working height.

Stairdeck Towers Make It Easier to Paint or Decorate

Besides establishing towers on level ground, you may also need to establish them on stairdecks. This type of working platform can be used by builders, decorators, or maintenance workers. Work can be performed comfortably without the need to bend or stretch.

As you can see, platforms or towers can be used in various ways – all the more reason to contact a company that can help you with all your height access requirements.